Results from the Kearney Doubles Invitational April 12

fhs girls tennis logo Results from the Kearney Doubles Invitational April 12The Fremont High Girls Tennis Team participated in the Kearney Doubles Invitational in Kearney on April 12, 2013. Following are the results:

1 Doubles Pool Play:

Carly Gross/Katy Wilson (F) lost to Josie Scarborough/Allie Richardson (Grand Island) 4-8
Gross/Wilson (F) BEAT Josha Gifford/Alyssa Cole (North Platte) 9-8 (7-3)
Gross/Wilson (F) lost to Lizzie Harwood/McKinney Harwood (Westside) 0-8
Gross/Wilson (F) lost to Whitney Schutt/Emma Kwapnioski (Norfolk) 1-8

1 Doubles Championship Round – 9th/10th Place

Gross/Wilson (F) lost to Elizabeth Preister/Alyssa Curry (Columbus) 5-8

2 Doubles Pool Play:

Abbie Norris/Sarah Young (F) lost to Abigail Crocker/Emily Koski (Kearney) 1-8
Norris/Young (F) lost to McKenzie Essley/Logan Maggart (Norfolk) 5-8
Norris/Young (F) lost to Elizabeth Tyler/Phoebe Placzek (Westside) 2-8
Norris/Young (F) BEAT Marissa Schid/Cassandra Fountain (Lincoln Northstar) 8-3

2 Doubles Championship Round – 7th/8th Place

Norris/Young (F) lost to Carrie Watson/Lauren Perkins (Grand Island) 2-8

3 Doubles Pool Play

Rachel Samuelson/Maria Laboy (F) lost to Ashley Pietenpol/Morgan Cale (Lincoln Northstar) 6-8
Samuelson/Laboy (F) lost to Carley Foltz/Selena Avila (Columbus) 3-8
Samuelson/Laboy (F) lost to Kate Slosburg/Liz Kutilek (Westside) 1-8
Samuelson/Laboy (F) lost to Hayley Limbach/Paige Bachkora (Kearney) 3-8

3 Doubles Championship Round – 9th/10th Place

Samuelson/Laboy (F) BEAT Janae States/Kristen Wullschleger (North Platte) 8-1

4 Doubles Pool Play

Jackie Stevens/Maddi Carlson (F) lost to Johnna Gifford/Tanis Sack (North Platte) 5-8
Stevens/Carlson (F) lost to Shawna Staack/Allie Moje (Columbus) 1-8
Stevens/Carlson (F) lost to Emma Brandt/Cassie Kernick (Kearney) 1-8
Stevens/Carlson (F) lost to Emily Glazer/Kathryn Shehan (Westside) 2-8

4 Doubles Championship Round – 9th/10th Place

Stevens/Carlson (F) lost to Courtney Becker/Tiffany Henning (Norfolk) 3-8

Total Team Points: 18

Coach’s Comments: “The weather conditions made today’s matches tough for the girls. I was very satisfied in the improvement I saw in our movement and communication. At this point in the season, you hope to notice improvement with each match. This week we host Columbus in a dual on Tuesday, April 16th, and Lincoln Southwest in a dual on Thursday, April 18th.”

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