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2008 Final Rankings

league logo 4c 300x300 2008 Final RankingsThe 2009 Yearbook for the USTA Missouri Valley has arrived in the mail. Along with news about all of the USTA sponsored leagues and events, and photos of league champions throughout the Missouri Valley, it contains the final rankings for the 2008 tennis season. Several players from the Fremont Tennis Association are represented, both in the Missouri Valley rankings, and in the Nebraska District rankings.

In the Missouri Valley, which includes Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, and Oklahoma, the final 2008 rankings for FTA players are as follows:

  • Men’s 3.5 Singles
    • No. 33: Brian Mark
  • Men’s Open Doubles
    • No. 10: Mike Willman/Roland Augspurger
  • Men’s 4.0 Doubles
    • No. 11: Mike Willman/Roland Augspurger
  • Men’s 3.5 Doubles
    • No. 9: Brian Mark/Dana Mark

For the Nebraska District, which includes all of Nebraska and Pottawattamie County, Iowa, the 2008 final rankings for FTA players are:

  • Boy’s 18 Singles
    • No. 7: Zachary Weaver
    • No. 13: Spencer Brown
  • Men’s 4.0 Singles
    • No. 9: Jim Johnson
  • Men’s 3.5 Singles
    • No. 9: Dana Mark
    • No. 12: Brian Mark
  • Men’s 55 Singles
    • No. 3: Jim Jorgensen
  • Men’s 65 Singles
    • No. 1: Jim Johnson
  • Men’s Open Doubles
    • No. 10: Mike Willman
  • Men’s 4.0 Doubles
    • No. 5: Mike Willman
  • Men’s 3.5 Doubles
    • No. 5: Dana Mark
    • No. 6: Brian Mark
  • Men’s 55 Doubles
    • No. 1: Doug Hartman
    • No. 2: Chris Westergaard
    • No. 3: Jim Johnson

Congratulations to all who are ranked. Let’s keep up the good work and look forward to the 2009 season!

USTA Rankings

league logo 4c 300x300 USTA RankingsIf you are interested in checking out the current 2008 USTA Missouri Valley rankings as of September, you may do so at at USTA TennisLink. You can search for any division and find the rankings as of September.

The final 2008 Missouri Valley and Nebraska District Rankings should come out in early January.